E's Winter Woodland 1st Birthday Party

It says a lot that we are charging into summer, and I am now just posting about E's birthday party. That took place in January, you know, during winter. We had a simple little lunch for her birthday party, complete with soups and hot chocolate bar. We had a little kitchen explosion as the guests were arriving and an emergency car issue, so I was too flustered to get a ton of pictures. Thankfully E's personal photographer, aka my awesome sister, was able to catch a few snaps during it. 

I got alot of my decorations and such from Amazon and Oriental Trading Company. I wanted a lot of wood accents, so I got birch plates and napkins, along with birch paper straws. The utensils were all made of recycled wood. Those didn't go over as well as I would have liked. I got simple white soup/ice cream paper containers for the lunch items, and used gold metallic cups for those drinking cold drinks. 

The hot chocolate bar was a hit with a lot of the older kids who came to the party, as they liked experimenting with the different syrups and sauces. We have a Keurig, so I just got some hot chocolate pods for the machine. That way I wasn't constantly having to make a thing of hot chocolate. 

I choose simple decorations. I had some wood left over from when my father-in-law and husband took down a tree, so I used that as simple directions on tables. I got this really cute woodland animal set and placed those around the wood pieces. I used white and cream colored paper poofs over the food in the kitchen and the dining room table to represent snow (cheesy I know) I also grabbed a few picture frames with pictures of E over the year and placed those around. I did the same thing at her baptism party and people really enjoyed looking at the pictures of her. 

My saving grace was Minted. I am a member of their site, and they had sent an email about being able to use their online party invitations for free for a limited time. I snapped that up! I got a discount code for party supplies, and ordered a few tags, stickers, and this awesome banner that matched the theme perfectly. 

I was very tempted to do a yule log cake, but was rapidly running out of time (Mental note for next year- don't got out of town for a few days the week before the party) So one of my co-workers took a few ideas I had and made a tree cake for us. I got a letter E, and glued a metallic birch paper onto it and used that as a little decoration for the cake.  She had fun smashing the cake and trying to eat it. 

All in all, it was a great party and E had a great time (despite not having a nap) Check out my pinterest board for all of the decoration and supplies I used, as well as some other inspirations. I would highly suggest looking at the hot chocolate printables, as they are great! 

Thank You Week Blog Party!

thank-you-week-blog-party-banner I’m participating in the Thank You Week Blog Party to promote the Edited Year Planners! The 2017 Edited Year Planners are your secret weapons for staying on target with your goals, appointments, projects, and to-dos in a fun and systematic way. Click here to get your planners.

I am so excited about these planners. I got to get my hands on them a few weeks ago and I love their size and can't wait to start using them to plan 2017!

This year I am thankful for help. Help from my family and friends after the birth of E, help from my amazing husband who keeps me laughing when I want to cry, and help from various online resources and blogs (including Sage's) for helping me to be more organized, and have better time management. What are you thankful for?